How CareSource Amplifies Black Voices on our Team

June 15th, 2020 | 4 min read

CareSource leaders, along with the Equity Council and the Black Employee Network (BEN), are taking a stand in support of social justice across America for our employees, members, friends and family.

“The time for patiently waiting for change to occur is over. We at CareSource are certainly ready to do our part,” said Erhardt Preitauer, President & CEO, CareSource. “I'm assembling a diverse group of employees to listen, seek to understand, and ultimately assure we are doing everything we can to support inclusion and diversity across our organization, both for our employees and our members.”

CareSource revamped our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program earlier this year and launched the BEN, the organization’s first Employee Resource Group. These groups are helping to create dialogue, building community and driving inclusion across CareSource like never before.

“This is an opportunity for us to examine our inherent biases, educate ourselves on other cultures and the plights that are faced—more importantly to amplify the voice of the voiceless,” said Regina Miolan, Chairperson, CareSource Black Employee Network. “We as a CareSource community can do our part together! The Equity Council and the Black Employee Network are committed to sharing and educating on our cultural difference in order to move towards a more unified workforce.”

Short Term Training

Continuing with our courageous, organization-wide conversations, we invited diversity and leadership speaker and trainer Dr. Omekongo Dibinga to speak to our organization on Friday, June 12. Dr. Dibinga has shared his work nationally and internationally and will help us process where we are, where we can go as a country, and even as a company.

Library of Resources

BEN is also providing resources for education and actionable resources for all CareSource employees to read, watch and listen.

Literature to Read

Media to Watch

Podcasts to Listen To

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but one that will be growing and changing library of resources.

Long Term Strategy

A team of CareSource employees including representation from the Equity Council and the Black Employee Network have been tasked with developing an inclusive strategy meant to listen, support, appreciate and educate.  This strategy, entitled, “Are YOU Listening?” will have a three-pronged approach:

  • Action Now!

Develop action initiatives that will take place in the following weeks focused on a primary goal of listening to our Black employees. Our theme is “Are You Listening.”

  • Becoming Color Brave

Create the forum for open and safe communication about racism, continuing to listen, fostering an inclusive environment, reaching out to all of the CareSource family. We want to take into consideration all of the individuals who make CareSource such a great company.

  • Sustainability

Ensure our actions are not limited by the current attention these atrocities are receiving, sustainability carries the most significant weight because it’s putting initiatives in place that not only measure our performance but make us accountable to this promise.

CareSource is committed to ending racism starting with every interaction our employees have with our members, providers, community partners and colleagues.