How to Take Executive Recruitment to the Next Level

March 15th, 2020 | 3 min read

Chief Admin Officer Dan McCabe discusses the importance of executive recruitment

Your organization’s process for recruiting executives probably looks similar to other companies’ in a range of industries. Once a position become available, your Human Resources (HR) team begins sifting through databases, looking for someone with that perfect combination of technical know-how and deep industry experience. Dan McCabe, the chief administrative officer at CareSource, says what happens after you find your ideal candidates makes the difference. With nearly 40 years of HR experience, McCabe has successfully led the recruiting charge for Dayton’s health care powerhouse with more than 3,000 local employees. He explains you have to attract executives by first understanding how Dayton can meet their needs and then deciphering if they’re a fit for the company culture.

How Dayton attracts executive leadership talent

Even perfect organizations will have trouble recruiting if the city doesn’t address their candidate’s needs and preferences. If the candidate has a family with children, you’ll need to communicate Dayton’s educational assets. If they love the outdoors, the arts, volunteering—whatever their interests—include it all in their tour of the community.

 “While CareSource is looking to grow substantially in the coming months and years, that growth will depend on Dayton’s ability to attract and retain talent. It’s up to business leaders to continue driving transformation that has brought our community this far.”
Dan McCabe, chief administrative officer at CareSource

McCabe has experienced firsthand how prospective executives evaluate the whole ecosystem of Dayton, not just the position’s responsibilities or company’s success. He knew early on CareSource needed to hire the award-winning IT Executive Devon Valencia as their Chief Information Officer, but was faced with the challenge of convincing her that moving to Dayton was a smart choice.

“Four generations of my family have lived in California so I wasn’t really expecting to relocate,” Valencia said. “But when I took the tour and experienced Dayton’s diversity, nightlife, academics, and even the airport, I just knew I wanted to raise my family here and help lead this company. Moving to Dayton to work at CareSource has been the best decision for me and my family. ”

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Why company culture matters to prospective leaders

The phrase “Company Culture” could be dismissed as a buzzword, but McCabe confirms is still critical executives for culture fit. Observing how a candidate interacts with potential colleagues over dinner is a great place to start, but he says you should also watch their reaction to the company’s goals.

“The CareSource mission to make a lasting difference in our members' lives by improving their health and well-being can really inspire the right candidate,” McCabe says. “And the direction we are heading really fires up their excitement.”

By articulating your growth opportunities, the programs and products you manage and the breadth and depth of your capabilities, the right fit for your company culture will demonstrate a passion for those initiatives. Combine that information with all Dayton has to offer and McCabe says you have a winning strategy for attracting and retaining elite leadership talent.

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