Community Impact

ImagineCare helps expand access to technology for Medicaid recipients in Tallahassee

January 31st, 2024 | 2 min read

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CARESOURCE) – ImagineCare, in partnership with Pulsewrx, was proud to support a recent Maternal Health Awareness Day “Glowin while Growing” event in Tallahassee that offered free cell phones and tablets to Medicaid recipients. The event was hosted by Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition.

In an age where technology is increasingly vital, access to reliable internet and mobile devices is not just a convenience but a necessity. Recognizing this, ImagineCare and Pulsewrx stepped up to address the gap in digital access experienced by many Medicaid recipients. This initiative aimed to empower individuals with the tools necessary to manage their health and wellbeing effectively.

The lack of internet or cell phone availability is a significant barrier in accessing health care services, especially for those on Medicaid. Many health services and information are moving online, from scheduling appointments to accessing telehealth services. This digital divide can lead to disparities in health outcomes, a challenge ImagineCare and Pulsewrx are committed to addressing.

Participants at the event also learned about various health resources and how to maximize the use of their new devices for health and wellness purposes. The event likewise underscored a commitment to inclusivity and access in health care.

"ImagineCare's collaboration with Pulsewrx echoes our goal of leveraging technology to enhance health outcomes,” said Angie Carey, associate vice president for community and partnership engagement at CareSource. “As a Florida resident, I’m proud to stand alongside ImagineCare in providing Medicaid recipients with devices that open doors to health care resources and empower them to take charge of their wellness journey." 

Spark Pediatrics, the leading provider of prescribed pediatric extended centers (PPEC or Medical Daycare) in both Florida and nationally, and CareSource, a nationally recognized managed care organization,  announced the launch of ImagineCare -- a partnership to serve Florida Medicaid enrollees as a Provider Service Network (PSN). ImagineCare is an innovative managed care organization focused on deploying a provider-driven, community-centric, value-based care model for enrollees with medical complexities.

Healthy Families Baby Days Event in Tallahassee, FL ImagineCare and Pulsewrx supported a recent Healthy Families Baby Days Event in Tallahassee, FL that offered free cell phones and tablets to Medicaid recipients. (Photo: CareSource)