ImagineCare joins forces with Florida organizations to improve birth outcomes, mental health of children and home- and community-based services

November 15th, 2023 | 4 min read

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As part of its commitment to serve Medicaid managed care recipients in Florida, ImagineCare has formed contractual partnerships with 20 nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable residents across the state. These organizations, including Who We Play For and Episcopal Children’s Services, can expand and enhance their programs and services with the long-term support and resources provided by ImagineCare, a joint venture between Spark Pediatrics and CareSource.

Health Care Experience and Community Connection

“Spark Pediatrics formed the joint venture, ImagineCare, with CareSource because we appreciate that CareSource is a nationally recognized managed health care organization that has repeatedly formed true partnerships with community organizations in its other markets,” said Jeff Soffen, CEO of Spark Pediatrics.

At the heart of these community-based partnerships is ImagineCare’s ability to bolster familiar services and resources for Medicaid recipients in Florida. By partnering with local organizations that are tuned in at a granular level to individual and community needs, this joint venture will contribute to better birth outcomes, improvements to children’s mental health and an increase in home- and community-based services and support.

ImagineCare provides proven Medicaid managed care experience, in-home and clinical expertise and an innovative approach to health care. Further, partnering with trusted community organizations facilitates access to critical services by providing Florida families with the familiarity of trusted community nonprofits without the burden of reestablishing routines, points of contact or delivery methods.

A Commitment to Florida

Building on CareSource’s established local relationships and Spark Pediatrics’ nearly 15 years in Florida, the ImagineCare community partnerships can continue to strengthen and enhance local community services and programs. For example, Who We Play For and Episcopal Children’s Services are just two examples among the 20 organizations with which CareSource has a long-standing and trusted relationship.

Who We Play For strives to eliminate preventable sudden cardiac death in the young through affordable heart screenings, AEDs and working with communities to honor every kid who never had the chance. A recent CareSource donation spearheaded an unprecedented initiative to provide heart screenings to every athlete across all sports at all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Florida.

Based in Jacksonville and serving Central Florida, Episcopal Children’s Services serves children from infancy through 5 years of age, as well as expectant mothers. They were the first-place $50,000 winner of the 2023 CareSource Foundation Florida Grant Challenge. Through this partnership, they will be able to further their goal of helping underserved children build a strong foundation for educational success.

A Mission-Driven Approach

In combination with these community-based partnerships, ImagineCare provides proven Medicaid managed care experience, in-home and clinical expertise, and an innovative approach to health care. We are committed to a mission-driven approach that will make a lasting difference in the health of Florida’s most vulnerable residents, their families and their local communities.

Here is a full list of Florida community organizations that have joined forces with ImagineCare to better birth outcomes, improve mental health of children, and increase home- and community-based services and supports for Medicaid enrollees residing throughout all 67 counties in Florida:

ImagineCare is a joint venture between CareSource and Spark Pediatrics combining both organizations’ mission-driven approaches for a lasting difference in the health of enrollees and communities in Florida. Supported by Spark Pediatrics' 12 years of Florida experience providing in-home healthcare services and clinic-based therapies and CareSource’s 30+ years of managed health plan experience, ImagineCare intends to offer Florida Medicaid managed care recipients comprehensive health coverage and provide access to high-quality providers while delivering compassion and care.