Community Impact

Making Your Dreams Come True – Ms. Green’s Journey

November 17th, 2023 | 2 min read

Happy kids at elementary school

Happy kids at elementary school

Ms. Green had a dream of starting her own business – A daycare center that would serve her community. To get the guidance and support she needed, she opted into the CareSource Life Services® program in February 2020. To the delight of her Life Coach, Ms. Green’s entrepreneurial spirit came through immediately. She had accomplished so much even prior to their first meeting. Ms. Green already had a building to start her daycare business and had a close relationship to the property owner. That relationship allowed Ms. Green to have more time in getting her daycare operational without having to pay rent.

She invited her Life Coach to tour the facility and presented an in-depth business plan. She already had ads in the community via postcards and fliers, and she was in the process of completing her website. Throughout the entire planning period, Ms. Green showed the kind of drive vital to success.

Starting a daycare business isn’t easy. It requires deep research and adherence to government regulations. Throughout the months that followed, Ms. Green’s Life Coach checked in for status updates on the progression of the business. Ms. Green maintained keen focus and unwavering determination to see her vision come to life. She provided proposed class schedules for financial literacy lessons and GED workshops. Her Life Coach was able to bridge any gaps in the process, providing Ms. Green with appropriate points of contact for the resources her daycare center would potentially provide.

But achieving this dream didn’t come without challenges. Delays in the opening of the daycare caused Ms. Green to fear that she would lose the property, as she could not pay rent. Her Life Coach encouraged her to speak with the landlord to find a solution. Her landlord agreed to an extension and allowed that no rent be paid for an additional 2-4 months. This was the break that Ms. Green needed.

The following October, Ms. Green opened her daycare to the public, making a major difference in the lives of families in an underserved area. It truly was a dream come true.