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Period Summit Addresses Menstruation Stigma

August 1st, 2022 | 1 min read

Judith davis girls health period panel discussion

More than 300 people attended the Period Summit last weekend hosted by Girls Health Period and CareSource at Ziegler Park in Cincinnati. Participants engaged with wellness activities, received free information about menstrual health and listened to a panel on how to support young menstruators in school and sports. Menstrual hygiene kits and menstrual products were also provided. 

“CareSource believes every child deserves to be clean, comfortable and confidant,” said Dr. Judith Davis, VP of clinical operations at CareSource Ohio. “Educating our youth about their bodies sets them on a path to wellness for years to come.”

Organizers of the Period Summit plan to bring the curriculum to more communities starting later this year.

“CareSource’s investment in our community means that more children learn about their bodies and how to best take care of them,” said Brittani Gray, founder and CEO of Girls Health Period.

Girls Health Period was founded in 2018 to provide menstrual products and underwear to schools and to eliminate absenteeism due to menstruation. Since then, the organization has distributed over 900,000 menstrual products and served over 155 schools across the country.