Press Release

CareSource and CKF Addiction Treatment aim to enhance access to substance use disorder treatment services

February 19th, 2024 | 3 min read

HAYS, Kan. (CARESOURCE) – CareSource, a nationally recognized leader in health care, is proud to announce its collaboration with CKF Addiction Treatment to enhance access to critical substance use disorder treatment services in Central Kansas. This collaboration, which includes a $200,000 donation from CareSource, is geared towards providing comprehensive, accessible services to Kansans struggling with substance use disorders.

"Our shared commitment to decreasing substance use disorder in Kansas by breaking down barriers to services and decreasing stigmas around addiction is at the heart of this partnership,” said Chad Moore, president of CareSource in Kansas. “This is a step forward in transforming health care and addressing the social determinants of health, health equity, prevention and access to care."

The collaboration will increase screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment processes, assisting to identify patients who have experienced overdose or are at heightened risk of overdose, and coordinating resources to ensure and enable a seamless transition of care. Additionally, the initiative also includes transportation for patients to ensure appropriate follow up and engagement with local resources and services.

“CKF Addiction Treatment offers rehabilitation services and programs across the state of Kansas, and we recognize the challenging reality that addiction is a chronic disease needing sustained support,” said Jessica Eckels, interim CEO of CKF Addiction Treatment. “Unfortunately, societal stigmas often build barriers, discouraging those in need from reaching out for help. That's why we've integrated our services within HaysMed's emergency room and increased telehealth accessibility. By meeting people in safe places, we can help normalize their experience, chip away at the stigma, and guide each person towards recovery through a process that fits their unique symptoms, informed by professional clinical advice, and motivated by their personal desire to heal.”

This partnership comes at a critical time. According to Kaiser Family Foundation data, the drug overdose death rate in Kansas has more than doubled from 10.1 per 100,000 residents in 2011 to 24.3 per 100,000 in 2021. Furthermore, the Center for Health care Quality and Payment Reform reports alarming financial vulnerability among Kansas' rural hospitals, with a majority facing financial losses on patient care services and many under threat of closure.

“HaysMed is fortunate to have collaborated with CKF and CareSource to help provide this important patient care opportunity. By working closely with CKF and CareSource, HaysMed strives to contribute to the well-being of our community by expanding the scope of available treatments and ensuring that individuals facing addiction receive the care and support necessary for their recovery journey,” said Dr. Heather Harris, ACOFP and medical director with HaysMed. “The expanded treatment options for addiction medicine mark a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to offer comprehensive and accessible health care services in Western Kansas. We recognize the importance of addressing addiction issues and are dedicated to providing effective treatment solutions for individuals in need.”

CareSource and CKF Addiction Treatment are committed to combating these troubling trends and striving for positive, transformative change in health care across Kansas.