Press Release

CareSource Covers Childcare Costs for Employees through April 3, 2020

March 13th, 2020 | 2 min read

Program will Minimize Disruption during School Closures in all Markets

(DAYTON, Ohio – March 13, 2020) Today CareSource President & CEO Erhardt Preitauer announced to all employees that the company will subsidize childcare for employees with school-aged children through April 3. This subsidy will support CareSource employees with the unexpected expense for childcare following Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s order on March 12 to close K-12 schools due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

“There are times in society that define us as people and as a company. This is one of them,” said Preitauer. “This morning I pulled our leadership together to institute some immediate actions to support our employees across the country. CareSource has implemented a plan to allow maximum flexibility and support for employees. This includes flexible hours and the unprecedented step of providing reimbursement for short term childcare needs as a result of school closures and, where needed, additional paid time off.”

With over 4,200 employees serving nearly 2 million members in five states, CareSource is also working on a number of member initiatives with food banks, faith-based organizations, community partners, behavioral health and telehealth providers across its five markets.

“This is the time to live our mission and make sure we’re stepping up in our communities to fill gaps and care for our neighbors,” said Preitauer.