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CareSource Donates $25K to ARCHI Initiative Supporting Expansion of Community Health Worker Network

November 14th, 2022 | 2 min read

Partnership to Support Health Equity Access across Georgia

ATLANTA (November 14, 2022) – CareSource, Georgia's only nonprofit Medicaid provider, announced today a $25,000 donation to ARCHI (Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement) in support of their Statewide Community Health Network Development Initiative. CareSource’s investment in this initiative will support the training and development of community health workers across the state, putting more health workers directly in communities to help eliminate health disparities and achieve greater health equity.

“CareSource has taken an important lead in engaging with ARCHI to ‘Invert the Burden’ by meeting people where they are and placing them at the center of a multi-sector system that coordinates care around them,” said Jeffrey Smythe, ARCHI executive director. “Our partnership with CareSource is a crucial element in our mission to support health equity across the region. We appreciate how they continue to be out front on this issue.”

Community health workers provide valuable services to the communities they serve. Through its community resource hub, ARCHI has seen improvement in health outcomes across vulnerable patients including reduced A1C, blood pressure, BMI and stress levels.

“CareSource is committed to improving health equity outcomes across Georgia,” said Jason Bearden, CareSource Georgia president. “The incredible work ARCHI is doing brings us one step closer to eliminating barriers to essential care. We are proud to support their community health worker network to bring health more workers directly to the communities that need them most.”


The Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) is a coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to improving the region’s health. By aligning resources and expertise around shared goals, ARCHI seeks to build a coordinated system of care that addresses social determinants of health and removes the burden of navigating complex and siloed services. Housing, education, jobs, food and nutrition, and safe, quality communities all play a powerful role in achieving desired outcomes.​ Through work that is data-driven, health-focused, and people-centered — from community resource hubs to health-housing collaboratives — ARCHI is creating meaningful change in metro Atlanta. To learn more, visit

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