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CareSource Funds $750K for Housing Program in Franklin County

February 18th, 2021 | 3 min read

Program intended to reduce COVID-19 spread in congregate settings like jail and homeless shelters.

(DAYTON, OH – February 18, 2021) – CareSource, a nonprofit multi-state managed care plan, announced $750,000 of funding to jump start permanent supportive housing programming in Franklin County to address the risks of COVID-19 spread in congregate settings including the local jail and homeless shelter system.

“I appreciate CareSource for this investment that will support vulnerable residents in our community,” said Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner. “This program will help residents in meeting their basic health needs, while protecting the broader community from further spread of COVID-19. With CareSource’s support, Franklin County is proud to partner on additional smart justice initiatives and ensure access to treatment and resources in the community.”

The support will fund the FreshStart project to identify, engage and house up to 30 CareSource members with elevated mortality risk for COVID-19 due to chronic behavioral and physical health needs who have had multiple interactions with jails and are experiencing housing instability. The program seeks to reduce reentry into congregate settings that place individuals and communities at risk for contraction and spread of COVID-19. 

“COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the lives of our communities and populations with underlying health conditions that place them at increased risk for exposure and health complications, including death,” said Kieran Hurley, CareSource Director Behavioral Health Programs. “CareSource is committed to keeping our members and their communities safe by stopping the cycle of entry and reentry into congregate settings that drive exposure to, and the spread of, COVID-19.”

CareSource is collaborating with the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) to manage the two-year housing program and with the Franklin County Justice and Policy Programs to align with local resources for justice-involved individuals. Katie Kitchin, Director of CSH Ohio, leads efforts throughout Ohio to improve outcomes for individuals facing chronic homelessness.

“Supportive housing is an evidence-based approach to stabilizing the health and wellbeing of people exiting the justice system,” said Kitchin. “Tenants are provided affordable housing with home-based supportive services, which helps them pursue their goals for a higher quality of life. The public benefits include reduced spending on emergency health services and criminal justice costs, and reduced homelessness in the community.”

About Franklin County Office of Justice and Policy Programs

The Office of Justice Policy and Programs (OJPP) serves as the Metropolitan County Criminal Justice Services Agency for Franklin County and is directed by oversight of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board. OJPP has responsibility for all County initiatives regarding Justice Grants (JAG, TITLE II JJDP, VAWA, JMHC, and others), reentry planning and program recommendations, domestic violence/intimate partner violence prevention and services, and national Stepping Up and Data Driven Justice involvement. OJPP also staffs the Franklin County Reentry Advisory Board and represents the County on various local, state, and national organizations, committees, and initiatives.

About Corporation for Supportive Housing

CSH is a national non-profit CDFI with deep local programs that advance housing solutions that improve the lives of people who have been marginalized and are vulnerable, maximizing public resources and building healthy communities that thrive. CSH has partnered with Ohio communities for more than 20 years, helping to create thousands of affordable homes with integrated supportive services including innovative supportive housing initiatives for individuals involved in the justice system.

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