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CareSource Invests $1M to Support Affordable Housing in Rural Georgia

October 5th, 2022 | 2 min read

Announcement made at the American Rural Prosperity Summit focusing on rural communities.

ATHENS (October 5, 2022) –  CareSource, Georgia's only nonprofit Medicaid provider, announced a $1 million investment to advance affordable housing in rural Southern Georgia at the American Rural Prosperity Summit in Athens, Georgia. This investment follows CareSource’s $2.5 million investment in metro Atlanta last month, making the overall investment towards affordable housing initiatives total $3.5 million.

“CareSource is excited to announce our investment of $1 million in affordable housing in collaboration with the Volunteers of America (VOA), to show our continued commitment to creating programs that target the social determinants of health for our members,” said Jason Anavitarte, Director of Health Equity and Life Services at CareSource Georgia. “Our mission at CareSource is to make a lasting difference in the lives of our members, and we are grateful for our community partners, like the VOA, that help us to further our mission in the state of Georgia.”

CareSource will partner with Volunteers of America, the largest nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing and other services to low-income families in Georgia and throughout the United States. CareSource’s investment will be used for new construction housing, multifamily housing and a senior housing complex.  

“We are honored to celebrate this new partnership with CareSource because we know that access to safe and affordable housing is essential to good health, said Rob Rodgers, president and CEO, Volunteers of America Southeast. “The VOA has housed nearly 600 people in rural Georgia and provided housing stabilization support to 800 individuals. CareSource’s donation will help us continue to serve rural Georgia and meet the needs of hundreds more.”

As a mission-driven organization that seeks to help its members beyond providing traditional healthcare, CareSource works with organizations across the state to help Georgians are equipped with the resources they need to lead healthy lives. Addressing the social determinants of health, providing members with better access to care and advancing health equity has been at the core of CareSource’s work for years and is what drives their partnerships.

“The Georgia Chamber commends CareSource's investment in rural housing demonstrating their commitment to Georgians statewide and their desire for affordable, dependable housing which in turn promotes a better standard of living for all.” said Chris Clark, president & CEO of the Georgia Chamber.

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