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CareSource Invests in Pilot Program, Led by United Way of Greater Cleveland, to Provide Medically Tailored Meals to Vulnerable Adults

September 20th, 2021 | 3 min read

Collaboration between 11 hospital and health insurance partners is designed to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs for participants

(CLEVELAND AND DAYTON, Ohio – September 20, 2021) – CareSource, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan, United Way of Greater Cleveland, The Rose Centers for Aging Well and ten additional hospital and health insurance providers have funded an innovative new initiative, the Collaborative Investments + Health program, designed to improve the lives of Clevelanders.

"CareSource has been an incredible partner in the Collaborative Investments + Health pilot program which was created to help adults aged 50 ​or older experience a higher quality of life while reducing their medical costs," said Augie Napoli, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Cleveland. "By bringing together traditional competitors at hospitals and health insurance providers across Ohio, we aim to improve the overall health and well-being of participants who experience food insecurity and social isolation through the ​at-home delivery of medically-tailored meals, and we hope this pilot leads to further collaboration with this group of innovative investors."

The pilot of the Collaborative Investments + Health program delivers medically tailored meals to the homes of approximately 300 participants and provides volunteer outreach to reduce social isolation and improve the health of older adults suffering from chronic health conditions and lacking access to healthy food options.

 "CareSource believes in caring for the whole person inside and outside of a doctor's office," said Steve Ringel, CareSource Ohio President. "Providing medically tailored meals can only help participants in this program achieve better health outcomes at a higher quality of life. We are proud to partner with United Way of Greater Cleveland in this initiative."

High-risk individuals who qualify to participate in the pilot program are identified by local investor hospitals and insurers. They are then enrolled in the voluntary six-month Nutrition Solution program overseen by The Rose Centers for Aging Well, a subsidiary of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging (BRIA), at no cost to them. The Collaborative’s goal is to expand access to more participants once an evaluation of results is completed in early 2022.

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