CareSource Amazon Alexa Skill

Do you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device?

Would you like to learn more about your CareSource health plan, benefits or prescription refills without having to call or go online?

If so, we invite you to enable the new CareSource Alexa Skill. You can ask questions on your Alexa enabled device about your CareSource health plan in a way that protects your private health information. It’s easy and it’s free.

How can CareSource and Alexa help you? Simply, ask CareSource! Just ask, “Alexa open CareSource”. You’ll get answers to your questions like:

To learn more and enable this skill, visit the CareSource Alexa skill page by clicking the button below.


Once you’re there, click Enable and follow the instructions to link Alexa with your secure MyCareSource account. You can be confident welcoming this helpful resource into your daily routine. Get started today!

Email if you have any questions.

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