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Drug Formulary

CareSource uses a formulary, also called the CareSource Marketplace Drug Formulary. The formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are covered by our plan. You can review or print the complete CareSource Marketplace Drug Formulary and share with your healthcare provider. Call Member Services if you would like us to mail you a printed copy of the formulary.

The drug formulary is updated monthly, and drugs may be added, dropped, or moved from one drug price tier to another. We will post these formulary changes on our website monthly. We will also notify you when we know that a change to our formulary will adversely affect you. We encourage you to talk with your pharmacist about your medications. You deserve to get the best results from the prescriptions you take and save money too.

Price A Medication Tool

The Price a Medication search tool below will help you verify coverage and costs of prescription drugs and some supplies you use. It is a tool offered in partnership with Express Scripts. Enter your state and plan, then select Price a Medication or Find a Pharmacy, if you want to find a nearby in-network Pharmacy.

Your member ID card shows your plan’s name. You will need your plan name to use the search tool.

A screen like the one below will appear:

screen showing price a medication webpage

You can enter the brand or generic name of the medication to get pricing for covered drugs. Enter the first few letters and suggested names will appear with recommended dosages for you to pick from.

If the brand name drug is not covered, the generic will be shown, with a toggle showing that the brand name drug is not covered. The site will also show you what Tier the medication is in the drug formulary.

Although you can use the Price a Medication tool from, we recommend that you access it through your My CareSource account. When you use the tool from, it can take into account your personal account information, like your deductible and out-of-pocket spent to date. (According to our records, which may not be as up to date as your spending.) This will give you a more accurate cost estimate for a drug.


Prescription Costs

Using our Price A Medication tool is a quick way to confirm your prescriptions costs. Drugs on the CareSource formulary are placed in six different levels or tiers. Each tier has a different cost-sharing amount, depending on your plan. Because of frequent changes in the price of medications, the prescription costs in the Price A Medication tool may not be exact.

Some out-of-state pharmacies do not take CareSource, but most chain drug stores across the country do. If you think you will travel out of our service area, be sure to fill your prescriptions before you leave. You can also use our Find A Pharmacy tool to confirm if there is a pharmacy in your area.

Drug Safety Recalls 

Sometimes, the federal government issues drug recalls. To find out if a drug you take is being recalled, please check the listings on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website.