Where To Get Care

You have options when you need to get care. CareSource works with certain doctors and providers to get you care. We call these in-network providers. To have your health care services covered by your CareSource plan, you must go to an in-network provider.

Use our Find A Doctor/Provider tool to see if your provider is in our network. Click on Get Started and fill out location information. Under the Choose Plans page, scroll to your state and filter the results under Medicare by selecting MyCare from the list.

Here are options for where you can get care.

Primary Care Provider

Usually open during regular business hours. Appointment needed. Used for routine care, common illnesses, managing chronic conditions and advice. You will get most of your preventive care from your PCP. See your PCP the most often!


Convenient access to a provider via a phone or computer from where you are. Used for both physical health and mental health. Learn more about Telehealth.

Convenience Care Clinic

Typically, open 7 days a week with additional evening and weekend hours. They are found in many local drug and grocery stores. Use when your provider is not available. Used for common illnesses like coughs, colds, sore throats and to get immunizations.

Urgent Care

Usually, open 7 days a week with additional evening and weekend hours. When your provider is not available. Common illnesses, x-rays, deep cuts, sprains, strains, etc. Used to treat a condition or injury that can’t wait for a PCP visit and is not life threatening.

Hospital Emergency Room

Open 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year. When your provider is not available. Use for life-threatening situations such as chest pain, head injury or emergencies. Call 911 or go to the nearest ER.


how to get care from an out-of-network provider in your Member Handbook. See Chapter 3, Using the plan’s coverage for your health care and other covered services section D4, How to get care from out-of-network providers.

Member Services: 1-855-475-3163 (TTY: 1-833-711-4711 or 711), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday – Friday.