Benefits & Services

CareSource offers more benefits than basic Medicare. Our CareSource Dual Advantage™ (HMO D-SNP), is designed to provide you with the best care and save you money.

Make the Most of Your Plan: Five Things To Know!

1. Know what’s covered.

Review your plan documents to get the most from your health plan!

  • Evidence of Coverage (EOC): Details about what the plan covers, how much you pay, and more.
  • Summary of Benefits: Summary of key features about your plan like covered benefits and coverage.
  • Comprehensive Formulary: A list of all drugs covered under your plan.
  • Provider and Pharmacy Directory: A list of the participating (in-network) providers and pharmacies.

Learn more on our Plan Documents page.

2. Access the My CareSource member portal.

My CareSource® is your 24/7 secure online account. You can choose or change your primary care provider (PCP), view your CareSource member ID card, see your plan details and more! You can also view your CareSource account on-the-go using our mobile app. Get the mobile app at no cost through the App Store® or Google Play®.

3. Use the Find a Doctor/Provider tool.

Find a provider, specialist or see if your current providers are in the CareSource Dual Advantage network! Use our online Find a Doctor/Provider search tool. Click Get Started and fill out location information. Under the Choose Plans page, scroll to Ohio and filter the results under Medicare by selecting Dual Special Needs from the list.

4. Fill out your Health Needs Assessment.

Your health needs assessment (HNA) helps identify preventive care needs and health challenges early and recommends ways we can work together to improve or maintain your physical and mental health. This important assessment is used to develop your wellness care plan. It is updated each year. You can even earn a $50 reward! Learn more about the HNA.

5. Get the most out of your pharmacy benefits!

You can check to see if a medication is covered using the Comprehensive Formulary or Find My Prescriptions tool. When you need to get or refill a prescription or find a pharmacy close to you, use our Find a Pharmacy tool. Visit our Pharmacy page for a complete overview of your pharmacy benefits.

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Call Member Services at 1-833-230-2020 (TTY: 1-833-711-4711 or711) for more information.