Preferred Drug List

Gainwell uses the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s preferred drug list, or PDL. A PDL is a list of drugs that are preferred for your provider to prescribe. You can find a copy of the PDL on the Ohio Department of Medicaid website or on the Gainwell pharmacy website.

You can also get a copy of the PDL mailed to you by calling Gainwell Member Services at 1-833-491-0344 (TTY: 1-833-655-2437).

Prior Authorizations

Some of your prescriptions may require a prior authorization. Prior authorization means that a drug will need to be reviewed and approved by Gainwell before you can fill it at the pharmacy. Your provider will make this request to Gainwell for you. Here are some reasons a prior authorization may be needed:

  • The drug could have dangerous side effects.
  • There is a generic or preferred alternative drug available.
  • The drug could be misused/abused.
  • There are other drugs that should be tried first.

View the Gainwell Member Handbook to learn more about prior authorizations. You can also call Gainwell Member Services at 1-833-491-0344 (TTY: 1-833-655- 2437) if you have questions about prior authorization and your pharmacy benefits.