My CareSource Rewards®

Take charge of your health with our online wellness rewards program, My CareSource Rewards®. My CareSource Rewards offers you a chance to earn up to $505 for completing healthy activities! The rewards available will vary depending on your health and needs. Click here for program details.

Below is a list of activities you can complete to earn rewards.

2022 My CareSource Rewards®

Rewardable Healthy ActivityWho is EligibleReward
A1C TestAll Adults – Diagnosis for diabetes required$50/test
2x/calendar year
Annual Flu ShotAll Adults$40.00
2x/Calendar Year
(Once per flu season)
Annual Physical/Wellness ExamAll Adults$50
1x/calendar year
Breast Cancer ScreeningAll Females$50
1x/calendar year
Colorectal Cancer ScreeningAll Adults
  • Colonoscopy (Needed once every 10 years) $100
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (Needed once every 5 years) $75
  • CT Colonography (Needed once every 5 years) $75
  • FIT Test (DNA test) (Needed once every 3 years) $50
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) (Needed Yearly) $25
Health Needs Assessment (HNA)All Adults

New members

  • $50.00 if completed within the 1st 30 days of eligibility; $25 if completed within 31-90 days of eligibility

All Current Members

  • $25.00 – annual reassessment within 365 days of initial/continuously enrolled – 1x/calendar year
Kidney ScreeningAll Adults – Diagnosis for diabetes required$25
1x/calendar year
Retinal Eye Exam with an Eye Care ProviderAll Adults – Diagnosis for diabetes required$50
1x/calendar year

*Rewards are subject to change. Rewards may vary by age, gender and health issues. If you are no longer a CareSource member, your access to the Rewards Portal will be deactivated and any unused Rewards may be no longer available.

As a CareSource member, you are automatically enrolled in this program. You will receive a My CareSource Rewards® card in the mail along with additional information about the program and details on how to activate your card. As you complete a healthy activity, rewards are added to the card once activated. You can redeem your rewards at Kroger®, Walmart®, Walgreens® and Some restrictions apply. For more information on program details, rewards balance, store locator and terms and conditions, visit

Additional Information

  • Your My CareSource Rewards card will be mailed to you once you complete a healthy activity and earn a reward.
  • You will receive a letter form CareSource each quarter (4 times per year) to let you know rewards have been added to your card.
  • To check you rewards balance go to
  • Your My CareSource Rewards card never expires. Rewards are added to the same card every year. Do NOT throw your rewards card away at the end of the year. You will not receive a new card every year.
  • Card Fees: CareSource members will NOT be charged for replacement cards and IVR fees listed on the back of the rewards card.
  • Please note that it can take up to 45-days after the completion of your activity before the reward is added to your card.
  • This card is not a credit card but may be entered as “credit” to checkout. If prompted, your PIN is the last 4 digits of your card number.
  • This card is not accepted at ATMs and cannot be used to obtain cash.

If you have questions about the My CareSource Rewards program, call 1-844-607-2827 (TTY: 711). We are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from October 1 through March 31 we are open the same hours, seven days a week.