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Starting in 2018, CareSource has adopted a commissions-based broker model for enrollments* in our Medicare Advantage suite of products. In our mission to deliver Healthcare with Heart®, we know no one is more important to the cause than agents and brokers. As a key part of our success, we work to make it easy for you to explain our Medicare Advantage products to your clients.

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Interested in becoming a broker? Contact:
Adam Dogole
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Want to become a captive agent? Visit our open job listings here.

Why CareSource?

We want to do more than make our members’ health care better. We want to make their lives better.

CareSource health plans certainly help our members fight illness and address medical concerns. But we believe that we owe them so much more.

As a nonprofit health insurance company, we are a mission-driven organization. We answer to our members and not stockholders. We place people over profit. And we are focused on not just administering dependable health benefits for our members, but broad-based and innovative health care solutions for America.

*Subject to terms of contract with FMO

Agents must meet all applicable CMS and state requirements governing licensure, appointment, testing, and training.  CareSource follows all applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and requirements regarding Medicare Advantage marketing, sales, enrollment, and agent/broker compensation.