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Navigating complicated health care needs in two separate health care systems is difficult. That’s why CareSource designed MyCare, because our combined plan simplifies managing your care. With CareSource MyCare Ohio (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) you can streamline your health care day-to-day planning. Picture only having one point-of-contact, so you can cut down on paperwork and phone calls. Choose CareSource for both Medicare and Medicaid for ease-of-use, but also because of the benefits, like no copays or premiums, transportation services, a 24-hour medical advice line, and a team approach to managing your care that puts you at the center.

Service Area

CareSource MyCare Ohio is serving people in these Ohio counties:
Columbiana, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Mahoning, Trumbull, Portage, Stark, Summit, Wayne

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It Just Adds Up! When you choose Medicare and Medicaid, you get CareSource MyCare Ohio. This combination delivers extra benefits needed by both patients and caregivers, giving patients more coverage and caregivers more options.

MyCare Ohio (MEDICARE + MEDICAID) Standard Medicare and Medicaid MyCare Ohio (Medicaid Only)
Combined Medicare and Medicaid plan with extra benefits and coordination for simplified planning. Combined Medicare and Medicaid plan providing standard coverage and select services. Medicaid-only plan providing standard coverage with no copays and select services.
All standard Medicare benefits All standard Medicare benefits All standard Medicaid benefits
No Copays for Medicare services No Copays for Medicare services
(Varies by Plan)
 No Copays for Medicaid services
No Copays for Medicaid-covered drugs No Copays for Medicaid-covered drugs
(Varies by Plan)
 No Copays for Medicaid-covered drugs
CareSource24® Nurse Advice Line CareSource24® Nurse Advice Line
(Varies by Plan)
 CareSource24® Nurse Advice Line
Basic transportation Basic transportation Basic transportation
Waiver Medicaid services
(if eligible)
 Waiver Medicaid services
(if eligible)
 Waiver Medicaid services
(if eligible)
All standard Medicaid benefits All standard Medicaid benefits  
No Copays for Medicaid services No Copays for Medicaid services
(Varies by Plan)
No Copays for Medicare Part D drugs No Copays for Medicare Part D drugs
(Varies by Plan)
Enhanced transportation Enhanced transportation
(Varies by Plan)
Enhanced vision services Enhanced vision services (Varies by Plan)  
Health and wellness education programs Health and wellness education programs
(Varies by Plan)
One ID card for all Medicare + Medicaid benefits    
Coordination of Medicare/Medicaid benefits
through one point of contact


You may choose CareSource® MyCare Ohio (Medicare-Medicaid Plan):
 • for BOTH Medicare and Medicaid. With this option, you enjoy the FULL benefit of combined care.
 • for Medicaid only.

Choose CareSource MyCare Ohio for BOTH Medicare and Medicaid and you have no copays or premiums. If you have Medicare coverage through some other plan, you may have copays or premiums.
Call the Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline at 1-800-324-8680 (TTY 1-800-292-3572), or visit and select MyCare Ohio.


If you receive BOTH Medicare and Medicaid benefits through your MyCare Ohio plan…Then you may switch to CareSource MyCare Ohio if you have been on your current plan at least one month.
If you receive ONLY Medicaid benefits through your MyCare Ohio plan…Then you may switch to CareSource MyCare Ohio during the first three months of your membership, or during the annual open enrollment month for your area.

CareSource® MyCare Ohio (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and Ohio Medicaid to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Limitations and restrictions may apply. For more information, call CareSource MyCare Ohio Member Services or read the CareSource MyCare Ohio Member Handbook. Benefits may change on January 1 of each year.

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