Behavioral Health

With the stresses of today’s world, our mental health is as important as our physical health. For this reason, CareSource offers behavioral health as part of your core benefits. This means counseling and addiction services are covered benefits by your CareSource health plan.

CareSource covers services to help you with mental health or addiction

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug dependence, we provide treatment and counseling options to help you through difficult times in your life. We believe in recovery. We believe that treatment works. These are just a few of the services CareSource covers to take care of you.

Services for you:

Addiction servicesTreatment options to help you with your dependence
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)Individualized help for members 18 and older with serious mental illness
Assessments & ScreeningsTools to help you and your doctors find areas you may need help with to improve your health and well-being
Partial HospitalizationA structured program of active psychiatric treatment provided as a hospital outpatient service or by a community mental health center, that is more intense than the care received in your doctor’s or therapist’s office and is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization.
CounselingIndividual, family and group sessions to talk it out
DetoxificationTreatment to help with your dependence on alcohol/drugs
Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT)Treatment for emotional disturbed members 18 and under; in some circumstances IHBT may be available to members aged 18 – 21.
Opioid treatmentOpioid treatment, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT); specialized medications and therapy for maintenance and detoxification
PsychiatryAdvanced therapy and medications to treat your condition (in medical office or home)
Residential treatmentLive-in recovery treatment for mental illness or drug dependence