Behavioral Health Carve-In

CareSource is here to support you during the transition to Behavioral Health Carve-In. Find valuable information on a variety of topics, including:

  • Updating your provider roster
  • Claims testing
  • Contracting
  • How to contact us with Carve In questions
  • Carve In Resources

Provider Roster

Reviewing your provider roster will help CareSource make updates.

Email your roster to

Your roster should contain:

  • Group information: Tax ID, Tax ID, Medicaid ID, Group NPI, Group Name, Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder, City, State, Zip
  • Practitioner information: Medicaid ID, NPI, Last Name, First Name, Type and Specialty
  • Inclusion of multiple or DBA (doing business as) names, if applicable
  • Additional location information

Once CareSource reviews your roster, we will email our findings to you.


Testing is a great way to ensure a smooth start to your onboarding with CareSource! We will continue to support requests for our behavioral health providers beyond the July the 1 go-live date.

Please complete the steps below to initiate testing with us:

  • Establish clearinghouse connections.

Once CareSource completes testing, we will email our findings to you.


We are excited to partner with you. To start the contracting process, please complete the following.

You will need your CAQH ID number, Tax ID number, NPI number, name, specialty and W9 to complete the form.

Continuity of Care PeriodAll managed care plans have extended the Continuity of Care period to the end of 2018. All claims will be reimbursed at participating rates during this time frame. We encourage all providers to contract with CareSource to continue receiving participating provider rates beyond the Continuity of Care time period.


CareSource is available to assist with your transition to managed care.

Contact Us

Call CareSource at 1-800-488-0134 if you have questions about our plan. We are available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Exciting news: CareSource has dedicated behavioral health service representatives available to answer your questions about benefits, claims, member eligibility and more.

Talk to Us Live at Weekly Forums

CareSource hosts a weekly forum to answer your questions related to Behavioral Health Redesign.

Forums are held every Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m.

Register: to request registration information. Please include your organization name, your agency NPI(s) and the names and email addresses of the individuals who will attend.


Provider Portal

Submit claims, check claims status, review member eligibility and view payment information.

Prior Authorization

Submit the universal Ohio Association of Health Plans form to request prior authorization for outpatient behavioral health services.

Billing Guides

Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic Billing Guide – Use this hospital billing guide to reference how hospitals should properly code claims for services.

Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic Benefit Grid – Use this benefit grid to understand the hospital covered services for behavioral health services.

Benefit Guides

Community Behavioral Health Center Billing Guide – Use this billing guide to reference how community behavioral health centers should properly code claims for services.

Community Behavioral Health Center Benefit Guide – Use this benefit grid to understand the community behavioral health center covered services for behavioral health services.

For general Behavioral Health Redesign questions, please visit the ODM/OhioMHAS Redesign website.