Training & Events

We encourage providers to access the available education and training below to learn more about CareSource and topics related to your practice.

  • 2021 CareSource MyCare Provider Model of Care Training
    CareSource MyCare Provider Model of Care Training

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires MyCare Ohio plans to provide initial and annual Model of Care (MOC) training to all network providers contracted to see dual-eligible members and all out-of-network providers seen by dual-eligible members routinely. CareSource offers a slide deck that reviews that model of care. Please access the link to view the model of care training.

    Important Note: CareSource MyCare providers are required by CMS to attest to completing the annual model of care training. To attest that you have completed the training and receive credit, please log on to the Provider Portal, which will prompt you to review and attest to completing the model of care training.

    View the Model of Care Training

  • Provider Education Series: Provider Portal

    This edition of the Provider Education Series presents information on CareSource’s provider portal. Please Navigateaccess the presentation to learn more about our portal’s functionality and how to work with us through the portal’s many self-service features.

  • Provider Education Series: Access and Availability

    CareSource has a comprehensive quality program to help ensure that our members receive the best possible health care services. It includes evaluation of the availability, accessibility and acceptability of services rendered to the patient by participating providers. This presentation reviews the NCQA Access and Availability standards and outlines the expectations for office hour availability.