Provider Maintenance

Up-to-date contact information is critical to process your claims. In addition, it ensures our directories are current and reduces unnecessary calls to your practice. 

Update Your Information

Please submit any changes for your practice using the Provider Maintenance Form on the Provider Portal. Simply login to the Portal and select “Provider Maintenance” from the navigation area on the left-hand side of the page. You can update CareSource with such changes as:

  • Adding or deleting a group provider
  • Changing an address or phone number
  • Adding new restrictions or capacity limitations

The information will be submitted electronically to CareSource and you will receive an email verifying your requested changes. Providers can also check the status of the maintenance request on the Provider Portal.

NOTE – To change your Tax ID number, or update your IRS name, you must make those changes through an amendment to your contract, not through maintenance. You can make those changes using the New Health Partner Contract Form.