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CareSource wants to equip you to work with our health plan to provide the best service for our members. You will find key information that will make it easier for you to do business with us and assist you in serving our members.

Clinical Practice Guideline Reference Materials

CareSource adopts nationally recognized clinical practice and preventive health guidelines from federal agencies and medical professional specialty organizations. Access the links below and visit our Health Care Links page for more clinical practice and preventive health guidelines:

Additional Reference Materials

Telehealth Toolkit

CareSource has developed resources to help you with your telehealth practice. Access the resources below for telehealth-related guidance.

Topics of Interest
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Member Plan Documents

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Fair Hearing Plan

NIA Magellan Imaging Services

CareSource works with NIA Magellan Imaging Services for radiology and imaging services. Prior authorization is required for CT/CTA scans, MRI/MRA scans and PET scans.

Prior authorization may be requested online or by calling 1-800-424-1741.

Please use the following resources to learn more, including how to obtain prior authorization for these services: