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COVID-19 Updates

Latest UpdatesDate
Navigate COVID-19: 2022 Vaccination Program Update01/01/2022
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Change to Prior Authorization for Transition to Post-Acute CareUPDATE11/05/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Medicare Billing Vaccination Billing Guidance11/04/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Change to Prior Authorization for Transition to Post- Acute CareThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 11/05/2021.08/27/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination Member Incentive07/26/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Change to PAs for Transition to Post-Acute Care Update04/29/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination & Screening Collection/Processing Options03/08/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Vaccination Billing Guidance02/22/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Provider Vaccination Resources02/16/2021
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Change to PAs for Transition to Post-Acute Care12/11/2020
Navigate COVID-19: SNF Prior Authorization Process Temporary UpdateThis network notification is being modified to reflect updated information.11/09/2020
Navigate COVID-19: State of Emergency Provider Guide Statement on Telehealth10/05/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Emergency Provisions Update07/21/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Prior Authorization ChangesUPDATE06/30/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Prior AuthorizationsThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 06/30/2020.04/28/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Provider Stimulus Package Program Tool04/28/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Home Care Services Coordination04/24/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Expansion for Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Influenza Virus Infection and Streptococcus A and B04/16/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Plan Collaboration for Long-Term Care04/09/2020
Navigate COVID-19: CDC Health Alert on Chloroquine04/07/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Telehealth Services – UPDATE04/06/2020
Navigate COVID-19: Temporary Telehealth ServicesThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 04/06/2020.03/27/2020
Navigate Protecting Members and Reducing the Spread of COVID-1903/13/2020

General Updates

Navigate Provider Alternative Format Request11/10/2022
Navigate Updated Prior Authorization List11/1/2022
Navigate Policy Updates November 202211/1/2022
Navigate Importance of Providers Receiving the Flu Vaccination10/28/2022
Navigate CareSource and TurningPoint Partnership for Cardiac and Musculoskeletal Surgical Procedures10/01/2022
Navigate Q4 Live Instructor-Led Provider Training and Education Series10/01/2022
Navigate October 2022 Provider Orientation and Education Live Webinar Invitation09/12/2022
Navigate CLIA-Waived Tests Update09/01/2022
Navigate Policy Updates September 202209/01/2022
Navigate Readmission Pre-Pay Claims Review08/31/2022
Navigate Billing Update: Incorrect Billing of Modifier 58 Notification08/24/2022
Navigate BH Provider Service Resolution Process Summary08/19/2022
Navigate Billing Update Re: Multiple Outpatient Claims08/17/2022
Navigate Policy Updates - July 202207/21/2022
Navigate CareSource Live Instructor-Led Provider Training and Education Series07/07/2022
Navigate We Want to Hear from You!06/30/2022
Navigate Upload Claim Submissions Seamlessly in Provider Portal06/01/2022
Navigate Policy Updates June 202206/01/2022
Navigate Mandatory Incident Management Training05/20/2022
Navigate Post-Acute Care Prior Authorization Resumption05/11/2022
Navigate Policy Updates - May 202205/01/2022
Navigate Billing Updates: Chiropractic Unbundling04/26/2022
Navigate June 2022 Provider Orientation Webinar Registration04/25/2022
Navigate 2021 Q3 Provider Portal Updates04/07/2022
Navigate Policy Updates - April 202204/01/2022
Navigate Billing Updates: Duplicate Discharge Day Management/ICD-10 7th Character and Therapy Proposal04/01/2022
Navigate Introducing Teladoc, CareSource’s New Telehealth Partner03/29/2022
Navigate Quality Patient Experience Guide (CAHPS resource)03/18/2022
Navigate Retro Authorization Submission Guidelines03/15/2022
Navigate Attention - Skilled and Nursing Facility Providers - LOC Requirements03/01/2022
Navigate Provider Portal Account Linking Enhancement02/21/2022
Navigate Model of Care Training Requirements02/09/2022
Navigate Annual Update - International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10-CM)01/27/2022
Navigate Transportation Scheduling Now Available01/26/2022
Navigate Provider CLIA HCPCS Code Update01/01/2022
Navigate Policy Updates January 202201/01/2022
Navigate 2021 Global Quality Enhancer: Value-Based Reimbursement Program12/29/2021
Navigate Clarification on Dental Electronic Payment Process Change12/28/2021
Navigate Notice of Philips Respironics Voluntary Medical Device Recall - UPDATE12/15/2021
Navigate ABA Provider Contracting & Credentialing Requirements12/15/2021
Navigate You’re Invited! CareSource Provider Webinar12/13/2021
Navigate Prior Authorization Requirement for Non-Participating Laboratory Services12/10/2021
Navigate ABA Claims Paying at Reduced Rate11/19/2021
Navigate Importance of the flu vaccination11/16/2021
Navigate National Provider Identifier for Ordering, Referring and Prescribing Providers – UPDATE10/25/2021
Navigate HIPAA CORE Compliant Codes10/15/2021
Navigate Dental Electronic Payment Process Change10/01/2021
Navigate New Laboratory Benefit Management Programs10/01/2021
Navigate Policy Updates October 202110/01/2021
Navigate Pfizer Vaccine Adherence in Kids (VAKs)09/24/2021
Navigate Nursing Facility Request Form09/23/2021
Navigate Hospice Claims Billing Guidance09/20/2021
Navigate You’re Invited! CareSource Provider Webinar09/15/2021
Navigate Notice of Philips Respironics Voluntary Medical Device Recall - This notification has been revised. See notification dated 12/15/202109/13/2021
Navigate Save the Date: Upcoming Provider Orientation Webinar09/02/2021
Navigate Policy Updates September 202109/01/2021
Navigate National Provider Identifier Requirement08/09/2021
Navigate Waiver National Provider Identifier RequirementUPDATE07/29/2021
Navigate You’re Invited! CareSource Provider Webinar07/22/2021
Navigate Updated Dental Provider ResourcesUPDATE07/22/2021
Navigate Non-Participating Provider Reimbursement Policy Update07/15/2021
Navigate Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Billing Guidance07/12/2021
Navigate Policy Updates July 202107/01/2021
Navigate 2021 Model of Care Training Requirements06/23/2021
Navigate CMS Interoperability06/22/2021
Navigate You’re Invited! CareSource Provider Webinar06/09/2021
Navigate Utilization Management Process05/18/2021
Navigate Provider Portal Experience Update05/11/2021
Navigate Electronic Visit Verification Education Sessions05/07/2021
Navigate National Provider Identifier NeededThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 07/29/2021.05/06/2021
Navigate Policy Updates May 202105/01/2021
Navigate New Transportation Vendor04/30/2021
Navigate UPDATE - Prior Authorization Requirements04/26/2021
Navigate National Provider Identifier for Ordering, Referring and Prescribing ProvidersThis notification has been revised. See notification dated 10/25/2021.04/14/2021
Navigate Policy Updates April 202104/01/2021
Navigate Ohio Medicaid Number Mandatory Requirement03/31/2021
Navigate Transplant Services Reimbursement Update03/11/2021
Navigate Policy Updates March 202103/01/2021
Navigate Opioid Treatment Program ReimbursementUPDATE02/26/2021
Navigate Waiver Services Acknowledgement02/22/2021
Navigate Equian Process Frequently Asked Questions02/18/2021
Navigate Community Behavioral Health Center Re-Credentialing Process02/16/2021
Navigate Annual Notification of Requirements02/12/2021
Navigate Provider Directory Changes for Optometry Service Providers Not Contracted with Superior Vision02/10/2021
Navigate 2020 Quarter 4 Provider Portal Updates02/01/2021
Navigate Requirements for Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASARR) Process01/15/2021
Navigate Elective Transplant Process Change01/08/2021
Navigate Policy Updates January 202101/01/2021