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We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

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General Updates

Navigate Retro Patient Liability08/29/2023
Navigate 2023 Q3 and Q4 CareSource Live Provider Education and Training Series08/22/2023
Navigate Prior Authorization Requirement Update08/18/2023
Navigate Importance of Providers Receiving the Flu Vaccination08/16/2023
Navigate August 2023 Avalon Policies08/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates August 202308/01/2023
Navigate August 2023 NIA Policies08/01/2023
Navigate Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation08/01/2023
Navigate FREE Virtual CME Training Available!07/20/2023
Navigate Inflation Reduction Act Implementation Notice07/12/2023
Navigate Policy Updates July 202307/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates June 202306/01/2023
Navigate Ohio Pulsewrx Program for Continuous Glucose Monitoring05/31/2023
Navigate 2023 Q2 CareSource Live Provider Education and Training Series05/25/2023
Navigate Closing Diabetes Retinopathy Screening Care Gap05/24/2023
Navigate Public Health Emergency Ending – Copayment Requirements05/11/2023
Navigate Case & Recovery Management Service Discontinuation05/12/2023
Navigate Removal of Peer-to-Peer Option05/05/2023
Navigate Public Health Emergency Ending - Resumption of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Requirements05/05/2023
Navigate Q3/Q4 Avalon Policies05/01/2023
Navigate Policy Updates May 202305/01/2023
Navigate Patient Liability04/19/2023
Navigate Claims Readmission Policy04/12/2023
Navigate Public Health Emergency Ending – Updates to Benefits and Rates04/10/2023
Navigate CAHPS Email Campaign and Quality Patient Experience Guide04/03/2023
Navigate Policy Updates April 202304/01/2023
Navigate Q1 2023 CareSource Live Instructor-Led Provider Training and Education Series UPDATE03/17/2023
Navigate 2023 D-SNP and Ohio MyCare Model of Care Training Requirement03/14/2023
Navigate Medicaid Coverage Redetermination Resumes April 103/10/2023
Navigate Pulsewrx for Diabetes Monitoring03/06/2023
Navigate Policy Updates March 202303/01/2023
Navigate 2023 Pharmacy Network Change02/23/2023
Navigate Q1 2023 CareSource Live Instructor-Led Provider Training and Education Series This notification has been revised. See notification dated 03/17/202302/21/2023
Navigate MyCare Preferred Diabetic Part B Glucometers and Test Strips Formulary Change02/17/2023
Navigate CareSource and TurningPoint Partnership for Cardiac and Musculoskeletal Surgical Procedures - UPDATE01/26/2023