Updates & Announcements

We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

Visit the Updates & Announcements page frequently to find all the latest CareSource news. We share updates regarding:

  • Pharmacy information, including our Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs)
  • Medical, pharmacy, reimbursement and administrative policies
  • Authorization requirements as communicated through network notifications below 

The links below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

NavigateIssues with Claim Denying for National Drug Code (NDC)12/14/2018
NavigateChanges to Billing Codes for Personal Care Aide ServicesUPDATE12/12/2018
NavigateRemittance Delay for Wednesday, December 5, 2018 Payment Cycle12/07/2018
NavigateMyCare Waiver Provider Signature Policy Network Notification12/4/2018
NavigateElectronic Visit Verification Reminder11/14/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates January 201911/01/2018
NavigateCode Advisor Network Notification10/23/2018
NavigateEnhancements to the Waiver Portal10/11/2018
NavigateElectronic Provider Appeals Required10/02/2018
NavigateChanges to Billing Codes for Personal Care Aide Services10/01/2018
NavigateAmbulance Overpayments and Incorrect Payments Recovery09/27/2018
NavigateQ3 2018 Payment Update09/27/2018
NavigateDME Overpayments and Incorrect Payments Recovery Notice09/27/2018
NavigateHome Health Overpayments and Incorrect Payments Recovery Notice09/27/2018
NavigatePhysician Assistant Overpayments and Incorrect Payments Recovery Notice09/27/2018
NavigateDuplicate Claim Processing Update09/01/2018
NavigateWell-Child Care08/27/2018
NavigateODM Medicaid Number Requirement08/27/2018
NavigateSignatures No Longer Needed for Medicaid Addendum Attachments for Provider Maintenance Updates08/21/2018
NavigateConsent to Share Sensitive Health Information08/08/2018
NavigateClarification of Indiana Network Closure Communication07/30/2018
NavigateIncreasing Claim Payment Processing FrequencyUPDATE07/27/2018
NavigateInventory Reduction Progress and Compliant Process07/10/2018
NavigateIncrease Frequency in Claim Payment Processing07/03/2018
NavigateNew Address for Refund Checks07/03/2018
NavigateUpdate to Provider Billing Address Requirements on Claims04/03/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates June 201803/30/2018
NavigateUpdate to Drug Testing PolicyUPDATE03/12/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates May 201802/28/2018
NavigateDiabetes Retinal Eye Exam01/25/2018
NavigateNew Approach to Educate and Reduce Evaluation and Management Billing Errors01/12/2018
NavigateMarch 2018 Policy Release12/28/2017
NavigateUpdate on Drug Testing Reimbursement Policy – UPDATE12/01/2017
NavigateNotice of Change to Cardiac Services Prior Authorization Requirements11/17/2017
NavigateEnhanced Ambulatory Patient Groups (EAPG) Billing Methodology Supersedes CareSource Payment Policies11/07/2017
NavigateDeactivation of MyCare Mailbox10/11/2017
NavigateUpdate Regarding Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Group (EAPG) Billing Payment Methodology10/10/2017
NavigateClinical Appeals Require Member Consent09/22/2017
NavigateModel of Care Training Required09/21/2017
NavigateUpdate on Processing Claims for Enhanced Ambulatory Patient GroupsUPDATE09/01/2017
NavigateDrug Screening Reimbursement Policy – This notification has been revised. See notification dated 12/01/2017.08/30/2017
NavigateNotice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC)08/28/2017
NavigateLift Chair Coverage and Prior Authorization08/28/2017
NavigateService Plan Letters08/21/2017
NavigateSubmitting Claims for T1019 Personal Care08/21/2017
NavigatePassport vs. Medicaid Payment Structure07/31/2017
NavigateAnnouncing Enforcement of Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Groups Billing Guidelines – This notification has been revised. See notification dated 09/01/2017.07/27/2017
NavigateBehavioral Health Respite Care Services for Children07/17/2017
NavigateChanges to the Home Modification Process07/17/2017
NavigateValidation of Service Narrative07/17/2017
New Service for Waiver Members – This notification has been canceled and removed 7/11/2017.06/29/2017
NavigateSummer Waiver Provider Forums06/23/2017
NavigateRetro Prior Authorizations05/31/2017
NavigateService Plan Enhancements05/30/2017
NavigateScreening and Surveillance for Colorectal Cancer04/18/2017
NavigateMM-0034, MM-0079, MM-0080 Gender Dysphoria Medical Policy04/14/2017
NavigatePY-0142 Three-Day Window Payment Policy04/11/2017
NavigateCite AutoAuth – Inpatient PA Requests04/03/2017
NavigatePY-0226, PY-0227, PY-0228 Vitamin D Assay Testing Payment Policy03/31/2017
NavigatePY-0222, PY-0223, PY-0224 Thyroid Testing Payment Policy03/31/2017
NavigatePY-0181, PY-0185, PY-0187 Transthoracic Echocardiogram Payment Policy03/31/2017
NavigatePY-0169, PY-0174, PY-0173 Sleep Studies Payment Policy03/31/2017
NavigatePY-0163, PY-0167, PY-0168 Non-Invasive Vascular Studies Payment Policy03/31/2017
NavigateFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Long Term Care Nursing Facilities02/17/2017
NavigateProvider Portal Attestation Enhancements02/08/2017
Navigate2016 MyCare Bad Debt Reconciliation02/08/2017
NavigateService Rate Changes01/24/2017
NavigateNew Attestation for Claim Submission for Waiver Health Partners01/23/2017