Our plans are simple and affordable with coverage for pre-existing conditions and no annual or lifetime dollar limits for essential health benefits. All plans include pediatric dental and vision. You can choose to include the optional adult dental, vision, and fitness benefits where available. So, if you need health insurance this open enrollment period, CareSource can help. We’ve been helping our members through uncertain times for over 30 years.


Pregnancy, maternity and newborn care


Prescription drugs


Outpatient care


Emergency services




Mental health and substance use disorder services


Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices


Laboratory services


Preventive and wellness services


Pediatric services, including dental and vision


Pregnancy, maternity & newborn care


Prescription drugs


Outpatient care


Emergency services




Mental health & substance use disorder services


Rehabilitative/habilitative services & devices


Laboratory services


Preventive & wellness services


Pediatric services, including dental & vision

Optional Adult Dental, Vision & Fitness benefit plans are also available.


Four out of five customers can get a Marketplace plan for under $10 a month with financial help!**

Over 70% of people who enroll in a CareSource Health Insurance Marketplace plan also qualify for a government-funded subsidy that substantially lowers the overall cost of the plan. When you enroll, you’ll see if you qualify. Eligibility for these funds is determined by the Health Insurance Marketplace, and not by CareSource. There are two ways in which the funds are distributed:

Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC)

Tax credit based on income levels, to lower monthly premium payments. This can be used no matter which plan you enroll in.

Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR)

CSRs are discounts or “extra savings” that lower the amount you have to pay for deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. CSRs only apply to Silver plans†, so if you qualify for a CSR, you must enroll in a Silver plan to get it.

Marketplace Plan Benefits

Marketplace Plans

Marketplace plans are separated into metal level categories of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The metal level categories are based on how you and CareSource share the cost of your health care. Note that many CareSource members are also eligible for helpful government subsidies, which will lower your cost for health care.

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