Additional Benefits and Services

Pediatric & Accidental Dental Services

All CareSource marketplace plans cover pediatric dental and vision services, and adult dental service when related to accidental injury. See your Evidence Of Coverage or Schedule of Benefits for more information on these services.

Optional Dental, Vision and Fitness Benefits

The optional CareSource Dental, Vision and Fitness Plan, gives adults a $1,000 allowance with no-cost diagnostic/preventive adult dental services, coverage for adult eye exams with low cost share, a $250 allowance for eyeglasses/contacts, and discounts on additional vision services, as well as access to the fitness program.

Fitness Program

Choosing a CareSource plan with Dental, Vision and Fitness coverage brings the added value of access to a fitness benefit through the Active&Fit program. The program allows you choose a free membership to a network of gyms, at home and virtual workout support including a wearable fitness device with some home kits, in addition to other health and wellness focused resources.  Learn more about the Active&Fit fitness program here. Learn more about the Active&Fit fitness program here.

MyHealth For Adults

Take charge of your health with our online wellness program, MyHealth. MyHealth is available to all members over the age of 18 at no additional cost. Through MyHealth, you have access to an interactive health assessment, personalized health tools called Journeys, the ability to track exercise goals, and small step guides that help you manage health and wellness topics specific to your needs.

To get started with the CareSource online wellness program, login to your personal My CareSource account, click on the Health tab and then select the link for the MyHealth – Wellness Program.

Now you can take a FREE online Health Assessment that will help you understand how you can be healthier. It’s quick and easy to take. Sign in to your My CareSource account, and click the Health tab at the top of the screen. Then click Start next to the Health Assessment under Assessments.


Take charge of your mental health and try our wellness tool called myStrength. This is a safe and secure tool designed just for you. It offers personalized support to help improve your mood, mind, body and spirit. You can access it online or on your mobile device at no cost to you. The myStrength program offers online learning, empowering self-help tools, wellness resources and inspirational quotes and articles.

Click the myStrength link on your MyCareSource account for more information and to sign up. Complete the myStrength sign-up process and personal profile. You can also download the myStrength app for iOS and Android devices at and sign in using your login email and password.


CareSource is now able to offer our members help for their social needs as well as care for their physical and mental health. MyResources is a new program for those times in life when you may be struggling with something other than your physical or mental health. We can direct you to resources that can help with food, housing, emergency financial help, and more!

Access the MyResources program through your MyCareSource Account.


KidsHealth® is a trusted source of health info for your family. KidsHealth gives you easy-to-read articles, videos, interactive health tools, and doctor-reviewed advice on hundreds of health topics. Explore KidsHealth today!

EyeMed® Vision Network

CareSource members now have access to one of the largest and most recognized networks for vision care in the country. EyeMed will be our exclusive network of providers for annual vision exams and glasses or contacts for our pediatric vision coverage, and for our members with optional adult Dental & Vision plans. Call EyeMed directly at 1-833-337-3129 for more information.

DentaQuest® Dental Network

Now members have access to a larger network of dental providers through DentaQuest. Children on all plans and adults with optional adult Dental, Vision and Fitness plans can get routine dental care like check-ups, x-rays, and fillings with a DentaQuest dental provider. Call DentaQuest directly at the number on the back of your ID card for more information.

TruHearing® Choice Program

All members can have an annual routine hearing screening and select from a variety of hearing aid devices offered exclusively through TruHearing network providers. Call TruHearing directly at for more information.

HSA Bank

Now members who have enrolled in our HSA Eligible Bronze plan can easily set up their Health Savings Account through HSA Bank. Members enrolled in this plan must have a Health Savings Account, but they do not have to choose HSA Bank to provide this service. Members who already have an HSA can easily and quickly switch to HSA Bank if they choose. Members who don’t have an HSA can set up their account with HSA Bank in about 10 minutes. Visit for more information.

Express Banking

Your financial health can play a part in our overall health and wellness. Express Banking is a bank account from Fifth Third Bank with no monthly service charge, no balance requirement, no overdraft fees and a debit card for purchases. Visit for more information.

Express Banking is provided by Fifth Third Bank.