Fitness Program

CareSource Dental, Vision and Fitness Plan members have access to a great fitness benefit through Active&Fit®. Members have two options for participating in the Active&Fit program:

  1. Join a network of fitness centers with a variety of facilities.
    • Go to a different facility every day if you like.
  2. Get two home fitness kits.
    • Each kit may include DVDs, instructional booklets and other exercise products. Some kits are especially designed for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes.

Members will also have access to interactive tools, online educational classes, and challenges to help you track or increase your fitness level. Members with a wearable fitness device or mobile app can also use the Active&Fit Connected!™ tool to track their fitness goals.

Find out more about the Active&Fit program by visiting or calling 1-877-771-2746 (TTY: 1-877-710-2746)

The Active&Fit program does not cover any costs associated with wearable fitness devices or apps. Active&Fit is a product of American Specialty Health.