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Check Member Eligibility

The CareSource Advantage® (HMO SNP) member ID card is used to identify CareSource members. The ID card does not verify eligibility for benefits since members may disenroll from CareSource and retain an old card.

Therefore, it is important to verify member eligibility before providing services. Patients must be eligible CareSource members at the time of service in order for services to be covered.

Verify member eligibility:

Online: CareSource's Provider Portal

  • You can check CareSource member eligibility up to 12 months after the date of service. You can search by date of service plus any one of the following:
    • Member name and date of birth
    • Case number
    • CareSource Advantage member ID number

Call: 1-800-390-7102. Our automated member eligibility verification system can be reached 24 hours a day from any touch tone phone.

Providers should always verify member eligibility before rendering services except in an emergency. It is important to verify that CareSource members are eligible for care on the date of service. This helps prevent denied claims.