Tools & Resources

Where to Get Care

We want you to get the right care from the right health care provider when you need it. Learn about your care options.

Find A Doctor

Need a doctor close to home? Get the doctor’s address, phone number, office hours and how to get there with this easy-to-use tool. This tool also locates urgent cares, hospitals, clinics and specialists.

Find My Prescriptions

See if your prescription is covered and access the drug formulary. You can also Find a Pharmacy near you and learn about our Mail Order and Medication Therapy Management programs (if applicable).

Quick Start Guide

Are you a new member? Welcome! Let us show you how to get the most from your benefits!

Caregiver Resources

It takes a lot of time, effort and work to provide care for someone else. These resources help caregivers ensure their loved ones get the best care.


Get all of the forms you need for your CareSource plan in one place.

Reporting Fraud, Waste & Abuse

If you think a health partner or member is committing fraud, waste or abuse, let us know. Learn how.

Submit a Grievance or Appeal

We want you to be happy. Learn how you can ask us to review a benefit decision we have made or let us know if you are unhappy with us, your provider or your care.

Quality Improvement

Learn how CareSource protects and improves the quality of care for our members.