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Ohio Medicaid Early Pre-Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment

Healthy habits to keep your child healthy

Ohio EPSDT - Mom and daughter

A new school year will start soon. Schools require that all shots be up-to-date before the first day of school. With our Kids First Rewards program, your child can be rewarded for going to the doctor and getting his or her shots!

Teens and young adults need immunizations, too! Each year children, teens and young adults ages 4 to 21 should visit their doctor or PCP to have a yearly well visit. For members under the age of 21 years, this well visit is called a Healthchek exam.

What is EPSDT?

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) is a service that provides preventive care and treatment to children enrolled in a CareSource health plan. Learn more about recommended exams and how you can help your child form healthy habits by checking out these additional resources: