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Updates & Announcements

We strive to make partnering with us simple. We’re aware things may change in the way we do business with you and want to communicate these changes to you in an efficient manner.

Visit the Updates & Announcements page frequently to find all the latest CareSource news. We share updates regarding:

  • Pharmacy information, including our Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs)
  • Medical, pharmacy, reimbursement and administrative policies
  • Authorization requirements as communicated through network notifications below

The files below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

2018Date Posted
NavigateConsent to Share Sensitive Health Information08/07/2017
NavigateDrug Pricing Program Claim Requirement07/31/2018
NavigateClaim Refund Check Form07/31/2018
NavigateVision Modifier Configuration Update07/30/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates September 201807/27/2018
Navigate17-P (hydroxyprogesterone caproate) / Makena PA Reminder07/27/2018
NavigateClaim Refund Check Form07/26/2018
Navigate HHW/HIP Network Closure Announcement - UPDATE07/12/2018
Navigate340B Drug Pricing Program Claim Requirement07/09/2018
NavigateHHW/HIP Network Closure Announcement – This notification has been revised. See notification dated 07/12/201807/05/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates August 201806/28/2018
NavigateCareSource Secure Email Portal Security Enhancements06/28/2018
NavigateNotification of Claim Adjustments for Certain Edit Codes06/20/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates July 201805/16/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates June 201804/30/2018
IHCP Bulletin: Pharmacy-dispensed drug Carve-out04/27/2018
IHCP Bulletin: Revision of Physician-administered Drug Reimbursement Policy04/27/2018
NavigatePY-0155 and MM-0126 Drug Testing Policies04/23/2018
NavigateMedically Frail Determinations04/09/2018
NavigateUpdate to Provider Billing Address Requirements on Claims.04/09/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates May 201803/30/2018
NavigateUpdate in Claim Data ValidationUPDATE03/28/2018
NavigateUpdate in Claim Data Validation – This notification has been revised. See notification dated 03/28/201803/16/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates April 201802/27/2018
NavigateUpdate to Health Partner Engagement Representatives02/26/2018
NavigateUpdates to Healthy Indiana Plan Coverage02/23/2018
NavigateDiabetes Retinal Eye Exam02/12/2018
NavigatePolicy Updates March 201802/01/2018
NavigateNew Approach to Educate and Reduce Evaluation and Management Billing Errors01/12/2018
2017Date Posted
Notice of Change to Cardiac Services Prior Authorization Requirements
This notification was canceled and removed 01/29/2018.
NavigateNotice of Temporary Extension of Timely Filing Limit11/01/2017
NavigateNovember Policy Release Network Notification11/01/2017
NavigateNotice of Changes to Retro Prior Authorizations09/25/2017
NavigatePreferred Drug List (PDL) Reminder - Medication Assisted Therapy Products09/15/2017
Navigate15-Day Trial for New Atypical Antipsychotic Medications09/06/2017
NavigateBlood Lead Testing Recommendations09/06/2017
IHCP Reimbursement Policy for Vaccines Purchased Outside of the VFC Program09/06/2017
NavigateZip Codes and Taxonomy Codes on Claim Submissions08/28/2017
NavigateCareSource Healthy Indiana Plan Members - POWER Account Changes01/31/2017